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Nov 29, 2018
Clinical Research


Welcome to RN Patient Advocates, a leading provider of consulting and analytical services for businesses and consumers in the healthcare industry. Our expertise lies in assisting organizations in conducting patient-centered clinical trials, ensuring a comprehensive and empathetic approach to medical research.

Understanding Patient-Centered Clinical Trials

Patient-centered clinical trials represent a significant shift in the approach to medical research. Rather than focusing solely on medical outcomes, these trials take into account the holistic needs of patients, with a strong emphasis on their experiences, preferences, and quality of life.

At RN Patient Advocates, we recognize the immense value in conducting patient-centered clinical trials. Not only do they generate robust data, but they also foster a deeper understanding of the patient's perspective, leading to more informed healthcare practices and better patient outcomes.

Comprehensive Support for Clinical Trials

Our team at RN Patient Advocates offers comprehensive support for businesses and organizations involved in patient-centered clinical trials. With our extensive experience and expertise in the healthcare industry, we are well-equipped to guide you throughout the entire process.

1. Feasibility Assessment

Before initiating a clinical trial, it is essential to conduct a thorough feasibility assessment. This includes evaluating the scientific rationale, identifying potential patient populations, assessing resource requirements, and determining regulatory compliance.

Our team of consultants will work closely with you to assess the feasibility of your trial, ensuring its viability and success. We take into account various factors such as patient recruitment challenges, site selection, data collection methods, and ethical considerations.

2. Patient Recruitment and Engagement

One of the biggest challenges in conducting clinical trials is patient recruitment. Through our innovative strategies and partnerships, we excel in identifying and engaging diverse patient populations, facilitating enrollment and participation.

We understand that effective patient engagement is crucial for successful clinical trials. Our patient advocates provide personalized support, ensuring patients are well-informed, involved, and motivated throughout the trial. We believe in empowering patients, making them active partners in the research process.

3. Data Collection and Analysis

Gathering and analyzing reliable data is paramount in clinical trials. Our analytical services team possesses the necessary expertise to design robust data collection methodologies, ensuring accurate and meaningful results.

We leverage advanced analytical tools and techniques to analyze and interpret complex data, providing you with actionable insights. Our rigorous approach to data analysis enhances the credibility and validity of your clinical trial findings.

4. Ethical Considerations and Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring ethical considerations and regulatory compliance is of utmost importance in patient-centered clinical trials. Our team of experts stays up-to-date with the latest regulations and guidelines, ensuring your trial adheres to the highest ethical standards.

We work closely with institutional review boards (IRBs) and regulatory authorities to navigate the complex landscape of clinical research. Our meticulous attention to ethical considerations and regulatory compliance guarantees the integrity of your trial.


At RN Patient Advocates, we are committed to revolutionizing patient-centered clinical trials. Our consulting and analytical services provide comprehensive support, ensuring the successful execution of your clinical research. From feasibility assessments to patient engagement and data analysis, our team will be with you every step of the way.

Contact us today to learn more about how RN Patient Advocates can help you conduct patient-centered clinical trials that make a difference.

Interesting topic! It's great to see healthcare organizations prioritizing patient-centered clinical trials. As a patient, it gives me reassurance knowing that my needs and experiences are being taken into account during medical research. I believe this approach will lead to more effective treatments and better outcomes for all. Kudos to RN Patient Advocates for their commitment to empathy and comprehensive care in the healthcare industry! 🙌🏻
Nov 11, 2023
Aaron Newton
🙌🏻 Informative read!
Oct 12, 2023