First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Training in Jacksonville, FL

Mar 27, 2023

About RN Patient Advocates

Welcome to RN Patient Advocates, the leading provider of professional consulting and analytical services in the healthcare industry. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of care for patients and equipping healthcare professionals with the necessary skills to excel in their roles. Our First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Training in Jacksonville, FL is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and expertise required to become certified instructors in life-saving techniques.

Why Choose Our Instructor Training Program?

At RN Patient Advocates, we understand the importance of quality training when it comes to teaching life-saving skills. Our comprehensive program offers several benefits:

  • Expert Instruction: Our experienced instructors are highly skilled professionals in the field of First Aid, CPR, and AED techniques. They possess a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to guide you through the training process.
  • Hands-On Training: We believe in learning by doing. Our program emphasizes practical, hands-on training to ensure that you gain proficiency in performing essential life-saving techniques.
  • Certification: Upon successful completion of our training program, you will receive a recognized certification as a First Aid/CPR/AED instructor. This certification will enhance your professional credentials and open new opportunities in the healthcare industry.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics including basic life support, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillators (AEDs), and first aid techniques. You will gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills to effectively teach these life-saving techniques to others.
  • Networking Opportunities: Our training program provides a great platform for networking with healthcare professionals and experts in the field. You will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and expand your professional network.

Who Should Attend?

Our First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Training in Jacksonville, FL is ideal for individuals who are passionate about saving lives and empowering others. The program is suitable for:

  • Healthcare Professionals: Nurses, doctors, paramedics, and other healthcare workers who want to enhance their teaching skills and become certified instructors in life-saving techniques.
  • Teachers and Educators: Individuals employed in educational institutions who wish to impart life-saving knowledge to their students and colleagues.
  • Community Leaders: Those who want to make a difference in their communities by teaching essential life-saving skills to their neighbors, friends, and family members.
  • Corporate Trainers: Professionals who are responsible for training employees in emergency response procedures within their organizations.

Course Details

Our First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Training program in Jacksonville, FL offers:

  • Date: March 02, 2021
  • Location: Jacksonville, Florida
  • Class ID: 227850

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Radoslaw Kosinski
Interesting and informative training program.
Oct 12, 2023