My head is about to burst!

RN Advocates of NCYes, I said that!  I will say it again…. My head is about to burst!  Every day you read, hear or say “there’s an app for that.”  There seems to be an app for virtually everything now.  Don’t get me wrong, I use apps, I have favorite apps and I’ve deleted a lot of apps.  The one type of app I refuse to use is one that is for personalizing medicine or healthcare.

Do we really need an app for this?  What does it really mean to personalize medicine?  To walk into an appointment with a prescription pad out, maybe even prewritten, to look at a computer and type julietta online casino in responses to questions (many of which are yes/no questions)?  To input symptoms into an app to look for the most common cause of the symptoms?  To do this before doing an actual physical assessment?

My definition of personalized healthcare is actually quite simple:  To LOOK at the person, to LISTEN to their story, to TOUCH and ASSESS in an appropriate manner and, yes, to SMELL.  Odors can be very telling.  The PERSON is what is most important.  What do they want, need, feel?  What are their goals?  How can we help the PERSON, not the symptom…? One will follow the other.  If you allow it to.

Now, as a disclaimer, do I advocate not using tools such as testing, imaging, or apps?  No.  But I do advocate using them after you actually see and hear the person’s story.

That is personalized medicine!


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